Welcome to CommUNITY Church!

Many churches have a website and a page dedicated to “who we are.”  They will use pithy little statements and/or quotes to help persuade you that they’re the better choice of a place to worship Jesus than the church down the road.  The bottom line is this – if the church down the road is preaching/teaching/worshiping/loving Jesus and is solid in their understanding of the Bible, then we invite you to go there.  It’s ok.  We want you to know Jesus. Personally. Deeply.

If you’ve been “there” and are wondering what sets us apart, the answer may be “nothing” or it could also be “everything.”  We’re willing to say when we make mistakes and be open, honest, and real about the hard things in life as well as the fun things.  We like to laugh, play music, be silly, and be in community with each other.  We also know that “being in community” with each other means sometimes the laughter is hard to come by and the tears flow easily.  Sometimes speaking the truth into someone’s life is difficult, but we’re willing to do it because we love Jesus and we love you.

So, “who are we?”  We’re CommUNITY Church.  We’re broken people.  We’re hurting people.  We’re hungry people.  We’re just trying to figure it all out.  You are invited to join us.  We’re not perfect, but we realize that through Jesus, ANYTHING is possible.